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„Ticketcounter operates as a strategic partner for its clients, due to our complete solution for ticket sales and access control.”

Sjoerd Bakker CEO Ticketcounter
The ticket partner for daytime recreation!

The ticket partner for daytime recreation!

We're TicketCounter. We'll relieve you of all your worries about admission so that you can focus on what you do best: providing your visitors an unforgettable experience. We have been doing this for over 17 years with online ticket shops and other powerful visitor management solutions for zoos, museums, amusement parks and events. Whether it's just online ticket sales or a complete package with POS systems, access control and reporting, we provide a solution for everyone. Our offer is as flexible and varied as our partners and their requirements. (Photo: Burgers Zoo)

Visitor management tailored to your situation

We are happy to show you the possibilities our system has to offer.

Your own online ticket shop!

Your own online ticket shop!

Developing your own online ticket shop is complicated, risky and time-consuming. And implementing a standard solution is exactly that: standard and not very customer friendly. After an extensive assessment by the Ticketcounter team, we can deliver a ticket shop that meets your requirements, is branded according to your company style and meets the highest security standards within a few weeks. All it will cost you is a few hours of your time. No upfront costs, no subscription and no investment in additional hardware and software. But we can also handle more complicated projects and we then will give you a clear cost indication in advance. So you can soon sell vouchers and entrance tickets online, easily and safely.

Satisfied customers and more profitable through our additional modules

Satisfied customers and more profitable through our additional modules

You work hard every day to charm your visitors. Our visitor management solutions support you in this. You can expand your online ticket shop with modules for subscription sales or third-party sales, for example, and we also offer user-friendly cash register systems and scanners for access control and reports. All are designed according to a modular principle, so they can be expanded as desired and combined as desired. Also with existing systems. This saves you costs and allows you to concentrate on what counts: the most enjoyable day out for your visitors!

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Things you probably want to know

Whether you want to start with online ticket sales, or you are looking for a different solution for your visitor management, you probably still have some questions. We have answered some of them for you.

There are a lot of packages on the market for online ticket sales and visitor management. They fall into two categories: either it's a standard package with little room for personalization. Or the system is so complex that you pay for many functionalities, that you only use a small part of. We bring the best of both worlds together. We offer shops and hardware for card sales and control that are easy to expand and personalize thanks to our open architecture and modular structure. Do you have specific requirements for your ticket shop or cash register system? We'd be happy to discuss them with you.

What makes the Ticketcounter platform so special?

If you're looking for a system for online ticket sales, there are plenty of online ticket platforms out there. These shops are generally completely independent of the customer's own systems. A Ticketcounter ticket shop offers the possibility to fully integrate with the other business systems. There are several links possible, including with cash register and accounting systems. And it's not necessary to set this up immediately after going live, we can also create these links at a later date. This way you remain flexible and save costs as well as labour.

What advantage does a Ticketcounter shop offer over other digital ticketing solutions?

When setting up a shop, our team has a wide range of modules at their disposal and the most important ones can be set up without any upfront investment. For example, tickets can be sold online in different price categories. The same applies to subscriptions. Other modules, such as the sale of time slots tickets, can be set up without too much effort. You then pay a monthly fee for this. For many of our partners, this 'Basic' shop provides all the functionality they need.

What are the standard modules and services that Ticketcounter offers without upfront investment in a 'Basic' ticketshop?

The wishes and requirements of our partners are very diverse. Theme parks and museums have other specific focus points when it comes to online ticket sales. Therefore it's difficult to give an unequivocal answer to this question. The moment you expect more than a standard ticket shop, we will always start with an extensive inventory. Based on that we will send you a quote with the upfront

How much is the investment to buy a Ticketcounter ticketshop?

As soon as the ticket shop is up and running, you'll pay a commission per ticket sold. There are also costs for the extra modules you buy from us. Of course, we'll provide you with an extensive cost overview in advance.

What are the daily costs of using a Ticketcounter shop?

Our platform supports the optimization of our partners' business processes. Every online shop gives you the opportunity to sell additional products, such as parking tickets, packages or merchandise, which increases the average spend per visitor. The sale of time-slot tickets facilitates planning and ensures that visitors are spread throughout the day, which enhances the customer experience. On the cost side, the modular structure of our platform ensures that your shop can be set up according to your wishes. So you don't pay for functionalities you don't use.

What makes switching to the Ticketcounter platform so interesting?

In addition to our own cash register system and the hardware required for it, we also offer various scanning and access control options, developed by our team of IT specialists. Access control can be done through our own scanning app or with handheld scanners selected by us. And in cooperation with the best suppliers, we also provide self-service ticket kiosks, turnstiles and access gates

What are the different options Ticketcounter offers for on-site sales and access?

Over 3,000 IT and data security specialists are working day and night to ensure the security of our partners' ticket shops and access solutions. That's the number of professionals working for the platform on which we host our solutions.

How is the security of Ticketcounter's ticket shops and other access solutions ensured?

Every online ticket shop processes a considerable amount of personal data, which is necessary to get the tickets to the visitor. Think of first and last name or email address. We attach great importance to the protection of this data. And that is why we have taken a number of measures. For example, we have appointed an external specialist as data protection officer, we are in the process of obtaining the ISO 27001 and 27002 certification and we regularly have very extensive security tests (so-called pen tests) carried out on our system. At the same time, there is constant internal monitoring of all aspects relevant to data security.

What does Ticketcounter itself do about data security?

Both our online ticket shops and all other solutions we offer are built with a very open architecture. This means that we can adapt and expand them as required. We have experience building links for various systems and can connect both existing and new systems to the platform.

To what extent can the Ticketcounter visitor system be integrated into our existing IT systems?

If visitors have questions about purchasing tickets through your online shop, our service desk is happy to help them. The team is available by phone and email on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:30 and weekends between 08:30 and 13:00. For questions about feeding times or exhibitions, we will refer them back to you.

Where can our visitors go with their questions about purchasing tickets?

Our partner management department can be reached by phone and email. On weekdays from 09:00 - 17:30 and weekends from 08:30 - 13:00.

And who can my colleagues contact if there are questions about managing our online shop?

We've set up our platform to be as user-friendly as possible. So you can perform many small changes like changing prices, adding products or managing capacities yourself. But we also offer several hours of support within our standard contracts to take care of these matters for you. Meanwhile, we continue to expand the self-service capabilities.

To what extent are we dependent on Ticketcounter to make changes in our online shop?

When selling tickets online, you collect a lot of personal data. Of course, this is done by the rules of the AVG. Intelligent reports ensure that you can download all this data from the systems and use it for targeting and segmentation. Naturally, this data can also be viewed in real-time. And you decide which data you want to collect.

How does the Ticket counter platform support us in achieving our marketing goals?

The Ticketcounter platform contains numerous data and metrics that make it easier to manage visitor flow. Standard variables include realized ticket sales, turnover, occupancy rate and no-show percentage. And we are continuously developing and expanding this reporting.

How does the Ticketcounter platform support us in visitor management?

Within our ticket shops, we offer the possibility to offer all common payment methods. From credit cards, through Ideal to Paypal, everything is possible.

Which payment methods can we offer in a Ticketcounter online ticket shop?

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