Terms and conditions

Ticket terms and conditions of Ticketcounter


Article 1 Definitions

Subscription or multiple access means a document by which multiple access to a Park can be obtained, or access to an agreed and defined number of Parks, as well as the "multiple ride tickets". The applicable subscription terms and conditions are made available by the Park. For all other purposes, the terms and conditions as described for Tickets are applicable, as set forth in these Ticket Terms and Conditions;

Electronic means the delivery of Tickets by means of digital communication methods such as email, the Internet or other digital methods;

Customer means the natural person or legal entity ordering Tickets;

Agreement means the agreement, including terms and conditions, underlying the purchase of Tickets by the Customer and the delivery thereof by Ticketcounter;

Park or Parks means the party or parties that have an agreement with Ticketcounter for the electronic (resale) sale of Tickets for the purpose of admission to the Park (such as day recreation park, zoo, event, museum or place of experience);

Park Rules means the applicable terms and conditions and rules when visiting the Park as set forth by the owner/operator of the Park, who has entered into an agreement with Ticketcounter for resale of Tickets;

Ticket (or e-Ticket) means the document (electronic and/or printed on paper) and the applicable terms and/or conditions, purchased electronically, which allows the Customer to gain one-time access to the Park unless stated otherwise on the website and/or the Ticket;

Ticket Counter means Ticketcounter BV, which on behalf of the Park issues the Tickets from its systems, organises and verifies payment and sends Tickets to the Customer;

Ticket Conditions means the present conditions applicable to the purchase of Tickets by Customers.


Article 2 Applicability
  1. These Ticket Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases (orders) of Tickets. In cases not provided for in the Ticket Conditions, Ticketcounter will decide.
  2. When using the Ticket, in addition to these Ticket Conditions, the Park Rules will always apply, which can be obtained from the Park upon request.
  3. The Ticket Conditions, which can be updated periodically, can be requested via info@ticketcounter.nl.


Article 3 Tickets
  1. Ticketcounter is responsible for correct (bar) codes on Tickets. If any complications arise in gaining access to the Park, Ticketcounter will only act as an intermediary.
  2. Each Ticket has a unique (bar) code in combination with a unique serial number. Legible text on the Ticket is also included in the (bar) code. It must be possible to scan the (bar) code to gain access to the Park.
  3. A Ticket is valid once unless (as with Subscriptions) stated otherwise on the website and/or the Ticket. A Ticket allows only one person (who meets the criteria listed on the Ticket) to gain access to the Park, unless the Ticket expressly states that it is a group Ticket, in which case separate terms and conditions may apply.
  4. Tickets have a limited validity and are provided with a validity date or period. After this date or period, the right of admission expires. Tickets will not be paid out or refunded and their validity cannot be extended or adjusted.
  5. Customer must satisfy himself that Park is able to check the Ticket for validity when offered electronically (scanning from a smartphone) at the time of admission to Park. If a paper printout of the Ticket is required for access, Customer must provide a printout on paper himself. Customer must ensure that the printout is of sufficient quality. Tickets that cannot be scanned may be refused, in which case the Park may decide not to grant access.
  6. The Tickets are for personal use and may not be resold In the event of suspected resale, Ticketcounter may decide to invalidate the Tickets.
  7. The Customer will not be authorised to make changes to the Ticket or to use the text and logos used for other purposes.


Article 4 Conclusion of the Agreement
  1. The purchase of Tickets by the Customer takes place at the Park. Ticketcounter is an intermediary in the purchase through the systems it operates. The purchase, the formation of the Agreement, becomes final upon acceptance of payment by the payment methods chosen by the Customer. Ticketcounter will then issue the Tickets on behalf of the Park.
  2. The Park Rules are applicable at all times. Ignoring or violating the Park Rules may result in denial of (further) access to the Park. The Park Rules and the opening hours of the Park can be requested from the Park.
  3. Ticketcounter and/or the Park may establish a maximum number of Tickets that can be purchased per Agreement. Ticketcounter may set this maximum per payment method and/or per Customer address (email address included). If more Tickets are desired than the maximum allowed, the Park must be contacted.
  4. Ticketcounter reserves the right to refuse a purchase/order without giving reasons. Among other things, Ticketcounter may terminate the Agreement on a suspicion, based on its judgment, of the use of automated (ordering) systems. In these cases, payment will be reversed, with settlement/deduction of costs incurred, if necessary. Customer will be informed about this by Ticketcounter, on the email address used for the order.
  5. The Customer will be responsible for making the correct choice of Tickets, in terms of type and numbers, and must do so before proceeding to purchase. The Customer is responsible for correctly stating the data required to process payments using the options offered on the website. Providing incorrect or incomplete information may result in Tickets not being sent.
  6. The right of withdrawal applies within 14 days of purchase to Tickets that are still valid at the time of cancellation. The right of withdrawal does not apply to Tickets purchased for use on one or more fixed dates and/or to Tickets valid for a fixed period of up to 14 days.


Article 5 Prices and Payment
  1. All ticket prices listed on the website include VAT and do not include other costs. Other promotions and/or discount offers do not apply to the Tickets.
  2. All prices listed on the website have been determined by the Park. Ticketcounter is an intermediary between Park and Customer and not an owner of Tickets.
  3. Tickets can only be purchased through the payment methods shown on the website.
  4. If a payment is refused (e.g. credit card or iDEAL), Ticketcounter will not be a party to this.
  5. If a payment that was initially accepted is nevertheless reversed (cancelled by the organisation of the chosen payment method), Ticketcounter may decide to invalidate and cancel the Ticket(s).


Article 6 Delivery
  1. Tickets will only be delivered to the Customer as e-Tickets by Ticketcounter. The Customer will be responsible for providing correct electronic (delivery) addresses.
  2. The delivery time for an electronic payment is within 30 minutes after receipt of the payment with a maximum of 2 working days.
  3. The delivery time for a one-off payment is within 2 to 3 working days with a maximum of 5 working days, after receipt in the specified (bank) account.
  4. After the delivery period has expired, the Customer has the right to cancel the purchase and have the paid amounts refunded. To this end, the Customer must declare Ticketcounter to be in default in writing, including a request for a refund.


Artikel 7 Liability
  1. In the event of a shortcoming attributable to Ticketcounter or an unlawful act, Ticketcounter's liability will in all cases be limited to a maximum of the amount charged to the Customer for the Tickets.
  2. Ticketcounter will not be liable for technical failures of any kind, as a result of which payments cannot be processed and/or authorised, correctly or in a timely manner.
  3. Ticketcounter will not be liable for cancellations, cancellations, blockages, changes to opening hours or closures, relocations, or complications in providing access to the Park. It is the Customer's responsibility to provide timely and adequate information in this regard.
  4. Ticketcounter is not liable for the nature and content of the Park
  5. Ticketcounter is not liable for any damage, intangible, material or physical or in any way, resulting from a visit to the Park.
  6. Ticketcounter is not liable for incomplete or incorrect information on the Park website


Article 8 Privacy
  1. Ticketcounter applies a privacy policy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, as available at https://ticketcounter.nl/privacy/.
  2. Ticketcounter will collect questions/comments or otherwise regarding personal data through Ticketcounter's Data Protection Officer during office hours and through: fg@ticketcounter.eu.


Article 9 Force majeure
  1. Ticketcounter is not obliged to comply with any obligation if it is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that cannot be attributed to its fault and for which it cannot be held accountable by virtue of the law, a legal action or generally accepted practice.
  2. In addition to the provisions of the law and case law in this regard, force majeure in these Ticket Conditions is understood to mean all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, over which TicketCounter has no influence, but which prevent it from being able to fulfil its obligations, including but not limited to fire, strikes, war, riots, sabotage, disruptions to infrastructure such as transport strikes, floods, traffic jams, disruptions to networks or equipment connected to them, including the Internet, telecommunications and corporate networks.
Article 10 Miscellaneous
  1. If a situation arises in which no access is granted to the Customer or in which access restrictions are imposed, as a result of which the Park decides that the Customer is entitled to a refund, this will be subject to the rules and conditions of the Park and Ticketcounter will not be a party to this.
  2. Dutch law will apply to purchases of Tickets subject to the Ticket Conditions
  3. Ticketcounter can be contacted during office hours via info@ticketcounter.nl