Stichting Vogelpark Avifauna

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Stichting Vogelpark Avifauna

Enable easy booking of school trips through special event shop

Bird park Avifauna is an important destination for school and Extracurricular care trips. With a separate shop, booking for this group has become much easier.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Vogelpark Avifauna in Alphen aan de Rijn is the oldest bird park in the world. The park opened in 1950 and now houses an impressive collection of birds and small mammals. Since 2013 the park has been a foundation which, in addition to managing the park, is also committed to bird and nature conservation, bird sanctuaries and nature education. Each year the park is visited by thousands of visitors and has been a favorite destination for school trips for many years. To ensure that schools and after-school care facilities can easily book their day out and that the full range of group tickets is well presented, Ticketcounter was called upon.

The Solution

The Solution

Besides the regular ticket shop, an online arrangement shop was set up. In this shop, all products that make a day out a success are easily and clearly presented. First of all, there is the choice of a regular school trip ticket, a after-school care ticket or a combination ticket with the nearby Archeon park. After that, a choice can be made from various extras such as bird feed, lunch or tokens. In the final step, a number of additional questions are asked to facilitate communication with the school and invoicing. Finally, the school trip can be paid for directly via IDeal or can be chosen for deferred payment. All to maximize convenience for the booking party.

Implementation in three simple steps


Understanding your needs

You talk, we listen. Then we present you our experiences and together we determine what your online ticket shop should look like, what functionalities you want and where on your website we integrate the platform.


Development & implementation

Our developers get to work building an online ticket shop that fully complies with the list of requirements we drew up together. After a few weeks, you get test access. And shortly afterwards you can sell your first tickets online.


Continuous development

But it doesn't stop there. We maintain the platform regularly and optimize it according to the latest developments. This way it stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and IT security.


What are the advantages that implementing the Ticketcounter-system have brought to Avifauna


30% of total online ticket sales in 2019 were generated through the special shop


An average of 1.35 additional products are sold online per admission ticket

Success stories

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