With the Ticketcounter system you have a complete solution for arranging entrance to your event, park or museum.


We offer a comprehensive set of reports so you can get a grip on your sales and visitor numbers.

Standard reporting

Make use of a wide range of standard reports within our back office to quickly gain insight into up-to-date visitor and turnover figures.

Custom reporting

Create your own reports based on existing datasets. Set your filtering, assign permissions and decide which columns you need. We can export to Excel, PDF and CSV.

Accounting connection

The connection with your accounting system is important. We offer reports based on general ledger accounts. This can be viewed from the debit and credit side. To connect details, you can drill down from the general ledger to the receipt.

BI connection

Unlocking ticketing data in dashboarding tools like Power BI is no problem thanks to our proven API connection.


At Ticketcounter, we believe that it's important to do what you do best. That's why we often collaborate with other parties. Through these connections we ensure that different systems work together seamlessly.

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Accounting connections

We understand the importance of having an accounting system that is integrated with the ticketing system. This can be done through manual bookings and reports. It is also possible to automatically transfer online and/or cash register sales to the accounting system every night.

POS Connections

Besides our own entrance POS, we also offer integrations with various other cash register suppliers.

Marketing automation

Looking for a solution to integrate your current marketing automation tool with your ticketing software? There are several tools that we currently integrate with, so we can automate this process for you.


We have a proven solution that allows you to sell admission tickets directly from our partners' system.

Public Transport

Offer convenience and a seamless experience for visitors who want both access to your event or venue.

Sales channels

We offer the possibility to unlock multiple sales channels. This allows you to sell your tickets not only through our platform, but also through a wide range of resellers.


In addition to the options mentioned, we also offer a wide range of other connections to meet various needs.

Online payment methods

Maximum freedom of choice for visitors: various payment methods through connections with popular payment providers. Dynamic pricing ensures better distribution, higher income, and improved customer experience.

American Express
MB Way
Pay by invoice

Ticket system

High-quality cloud-based Ticketing software with continuous development ensuring a future-proof solution within the day recreation industry.


Manage your visitor flow, prevent endless queues and long waiting times, and then adjust your own schedule accordingly.

Ticket system

High-quality cloud-based Ticketing software.


Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing of tickets. For example, special holiday rates, higher or lower prices during certain time slots to spread out crowds, or offering an early bird discount.

Search for orders

An integrated system, in which reservations can easily be looked up and adjusted in the cash register and/or back office.

Roles and rights

Full user management in the back office, create users, define roles and assign roles to users.

Multiple languages

Multilingual ticket shop, easily add and/or modify translations yourself via the back office.


Subscribers are the ambassadors of your location. With our software, you can provide them with an online environment to sign up for, renew or access information during their subscription. Of course, sales through the cash register are also possible.

Closing subscriptions

Visitors can easily and intuitively purchase and renew a subscription online themselves.

Subscription sales at the cash register.

With our cash register solution, you can create and renew subscriptions, add photos and print passes.


Manage renewals within the subscription shop and inform subscribers about expiration dates and renewal options.

Family subscriptions

Possibility to subscribe additional memberships for family members from a main account.

Combi subscriptions

Possibility to subscribe to different types of subscriptions on an account. Additional services can also be added to the card, such as a parking subscription.

My environment

Provide visitors with the convenience of their own environment to manage, reserve, cancel or reschedule tickets and subscriptions.

Punch card

Sell punch cards which can then be easily topped up and/or debited.

Employee passes

Manage the issuance and registration of employee and/or friend passes from Ticketcounter.


Offer relevant extras during the ordering process, add self-products including images and incorporate them smartly within the ordering flow.

Reserve a visit

Allow subscription holders to easily and quickly make their own visit reservations through the subscription shop.

Sales to businesses

Our B2B solution provides an online environment to give companies access to ticket sales. Think of tour operators, travel agents, hotels and leisure parks.

Custom prices

We offer various options to provide companies with unique price lists.


Various options to work with capacities and time slots. Give this environment its own capacities or connect it to the rest of the capacities.


Deferred payment

Give companies the option to reserve tickets in advance but only pay for them, for example, 14 days prior to the visit. This way, large groups can be scheduled as early as possible and all parties involved will know what to expect at the earliest stage of the process.

Access control

You want to keep queues at the entrance as short as possible. Our access control aims to maximise flow at the entrance.

Laser scanner

Our handheld scanners are equipped with laser scanners. They are sturdy and scan quickly. Scanning can also be done from phones and passbooks.

Scan app on the mobile phone.

Use the camera of your phone to scan tickets. The red or green screen will indicate immediately whether the visitor has a valid ticket or not.

Finger scanner

Want to scan while keeping your hands free? We support that too. Make use of our finger scanners.

Scan head with turnstile or barrier

Continue using existing hardware, that's possible! If necessary, we will install our scanning heads on the existing solution.

API integration

Through our API, we can also integrate with various existing hardware, such as parking systems or cash register solutions.

Group Tickets

We offer various options for efficiently allowing groups to enter. You can choose to have a single ticket that can be scanned multiple times, or a ticket that registers 40 visitors with just one scan. Additionally, the scanner can prompt for exact counts, allowing you to determine the number of visitors through a single scan and tallying process.

Online ticket shop

Easily launch an online shop in your own brand style for ticket sales. Easily integrate it with your own website.


Offering (combi) tickets on your own website, with various customer journeys at the forefront, has never been easier.


Being able to offer additional items easily in the ordering process, such as parking tickets, public transportation options, etc.

Discount codes

Being able to issue discount codes for promotional activities and retaining control over them.

Invitation code

Do you want to send invitation codes for specific private events that can only be reserved by invited guests?


Of course, we will adopt your brand identity in the ordering process, including logos, fonts, images, etc.

Adjusting texts

Do you want to be able to adjust, add or translate texts yourself? That is no problem at all.

Optimized for mobile phone

Depending on the target audience, 60% to 90% of tickets are sold via mobile phone. Our shops have been developed with mobile phones as the main pillar.


With our POS, you can both help visitors with their questions and easily sell tickets and subscriptions. Because you have many options to search for orders and view details, as a cashier, you can solve all the exceptions you come across in a day.


Suitable for selling entrance tickets, subscriptions, and various products at an entrance point.

Sales at capacity

Sell both online and at the cash register from the same capabilities.


Depending on the roles and permissions, users can easily assign discounts in various ways.

Roles and rights

Create users yourself and then assign users various roles with different permissions.

Print tickets

Easily print tickets and receipts on a receipt printer or Boca ticket printer using various templates.

Printing cards

From the cash register, you can directly create subscription cards. This is possible for both online sold cards and cards sold through the cash register.


Quickly and easily find reservations and orders made online at the cash register.


Through the calendar function, employees can quickly generate an overview of the expected number of visitors for a specific day/time slot.


Inventory management

It is possible to keep track of inventory counts on, for example, merchandise items. You can book new stock, write off corrections during inventory counts, and receive alerts when the stock falls below a certain level.